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Sugar Palm Advantage

Sugar Palm Rentals has the edge over its competition in that we're local to Crystal Beach, and own many of our properties. We also rent select homes for other trusted owners, and have extremely high standards.

Renting directly from us ensures you are going to walk into a home that is furnished nicer and better equipped than most, and is impeccably maintained. We will greet you and put our in-person reputation on it, and are here if you need us during your stay.

Our Vacation Homes

All our Destin homes are in the highly desired Crystal Beach community, and all have private pools and are very close to the beach. A couple of our homes are right on Scenic Hwy 98, and the the farthest one from the beach is only about 700' away.  You won't need a golf cart to get to the beach from our homes! Of course, a golf cart can be fun for running around the community, and we can help you reserve one.

We own most of our homes and are not just managing them for others. We select and purchase very special, high-end homes, ones we're proud of and would stay in ourselves, and we maintain them impeccably. We are not at the mercy of a homeowner who wants to maximize a return on an investment. If something needs to be replaced, we just do it! We have no one to argue with. The homes we manage for others are as good as they get, and the owners are very caring about the community and their guests. We make no exceptions in selecting only the best homes and homeowners to work with.

We know our homes better than anyone, and are proud of them. Since we will greet you at the house, we have to make sure it's everything you expected and exactly what we told you it would be. We don't let things go or get run down, and we don't cut corners. We sincerely care about your experience, and want you to enjoy the home and notice that it's the nicest vacation rental home you have ever stayed in. In fact, we hear this regularly and strive to keep hearing it. That's really our most important goal because it means we did our job, and it means you found the right home for your vacation.

Our Guests

We work hard to help you find the right home. We would rather not rent you a home than put you in a home that doesn't meet your expectations.

We are full-time residents of Destin's Crystal Beach community, and provide a very hands-on approach to vacation rentals. We will greet you and make sure your questions are answered, and you know we're near if you need us. If we're out of town, we have wonderful caretakers and housekeepers that will make sure your stay is great.

Anyone who promises a perfect home is not being honest. Nothing is perfect on this earth. What makes our homes great, and ensures they are well-maintained, is a strong relationship with our guests. We're here and take care of issues as soon as they are reported.

You're on vacation - just call us if you have any issues during your stay and we'll take care of them for you right away!

You Are Important to Us!

No reservation fees, no service fees, no check-in fees, no junk fees! We simply charge rent, cleaning, and tax. Just say "no" to junk fees!

Since we own many of our homes, you are renting from owners which ensures you get a better quality home. They are always clean, the linens will always be nice, and everything is impeccably maintained. You don't have to worry about finding a home less than advertised. We're going to greet you upon check-in, which we couldn't do if the home wasn't exactly as we promised.


We are very family oriented - no spring break groups allowed! No bachelor or other house parties are allowed. We gear our homes for families with kids, multiple families, family reunions, etc. We're very considerate of the neighbors living around our homes and understand they have kids who go to school in the morning, and have to get up early to go to work.


We have homes that are fantastic for weddings, from sheer size and luxurious comfort, to pool and deck areas well suited for small receptions. We can also connect you to wedding planners for your beach wedding in Destin.

We also have a number of homes next door to each other in case you need two or three homes.

Pet Friendly!

All of our homes are pet friendly unless a particular building just doesn't allow it (approval is required.)


We are very picky about cleanliness. We hire the best housekeepers in the area. We would stay in any one of our homes, anytime. On many occasions, we have had guests in nearby homes ask us to see one of ours, because they have arrived to find the one they rented in poor condition. A nearby homeowner once told us that she would never walk barefoot in her own home. We would walk barefoot through any one of our homes!

If you rent from us and were to discover any housekeeping issues, we'll take care of it immediately.


We work hard to keep our homes in top shape. We are all human of course, so if you find any issues with your home, from burned out light bulbs to appliance issues, just call us and let us impress you with how quickly we take care of issues. We're local to make sure your stay is as trouble and care free as possible.

Rent from Owners

Beware of the big management companies! They talk the talk and spend a lot of resources on advertising and PR but they have lost focus on detail. We constantly hear about how dirty or dated homes are that are managed by the big companies. Other owners have told us how disgusted they are when they come down and see the condition of their home.

We walk the walk and treat our guests with great respect, and are here to serve our guests.

Employees at the big companies may be friendly, but it's also true they have likely never been in the home you are interested in, and probably haven't even seen it from the outside! Many of these companies spend a lot of money on marketing and do produce some fantastic brochures and fliers. We don't do that...rather we focus on making sure our homes are well maintained and clean, well equipped, and that you are happy.

Always rent from local owners to ensure you get the best home!